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Online Training to become a Referee

Complete the following steps 

1. Complete the Self-Study portion of your training. 

  This will prepare you to take the on-line portion of the course and for the classroom session.
 Access the following booklet and document links to download and read by clicking separately on each image.  


Laws of the Game Made Easy






Offside Made Easy








Information for New Referees








2.  For Grade 9 or 8 Referee complete the following on-line course.  Click on the following image to access the online portion of this course. 
NOTE: To receive credit for your online training, you will be required to provide your name, email, and State Association (use North Dakota).   Check "Remember Me" so that you do not have to reenter information when you return to continue the course.  You will receive an email with a certificate at the completion of each module and results are reported for the week to the training staff on Friday.  Retain each email as proof of completion.   Only forward the proof of completion if asked for by the staff. 


Grade 9






Grade 8







3.  Attend the classroom session.
    This portion is the final step in certifying you for your first youth soccer game.