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DSA Mission Statement:

North Dakota Soccer Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to be statewide sponsor of its member clubs for both recreational, competitive and amateur adult soccer. To foster physical, mental and emotional growth of the youth athletes in North Dakota while providing educational opportunities and support to it membership.


The following Grassroots referee courses have been scheduled in ND:

March 21 - Fargo

March 28 - Bismarck

March 29 - Minot

April 4 - Dickinson

April 5 - Lisbon - 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

April 18 - Jamestown - 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

More information on these courses can be found under the referee tab.



Age Group Reminders: 2018-19 Season


For the good of the game!!

To learn more about our association and what is taking place, utilize the links above. Our News link provides up to date news on what's happening around the state. The Tournament link is a great link to find out what tournaments are taking place throughout the region. Don't forget to check out the Referee link as well. Here we have all the information you need to know in order to become a referee in our great state. Looking to gain valuable coaching knowledge? Utilize our Coaches link to get started on the path of certification. Lastly, we have our Forms page. This page contains multiple forms clubs and players will utilize. If you are a sports fan who enjoys betting on sports, you may choose from a variety of online sports betting sites by selecting your favourite and most interesting sport. You can also bet on NFT games. The future of Play to Earn Crypto Games appears to be quite bright. The NFT Games are popular among gamers who want to make money while having fun. This P2E (play-to-earn) concept has expanded throughout the gaming community, and the profile of people interested in getting into NFT Games differs from that of crypto investors. Many well-known broadcasters, gamers, and even teenagers are searching for the best NFT Games 2022 to make money online.



How to bet on sports for beginners: 12 tips to know

With sports betting gaining a lot of popularity in recent times, people are slowly exploring the idea of engaging in this activity to make a fast buck. Even those who may have been against gambling have started to embrace sports betting, making it evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry now. More and more American states are making sports betting legal; this encourages more and more bettors to dabble in it. But, for a newcomer, starting off may be slightly difficult without any idea of how sports betting works. Many betting firms offer players a unique betting experience, and it is the responsibility of the bettors to select legitimate, safe betting sites in order to achieve significant profits while avoiding losing money. Certain safe betting sites UK offer the best bonuses to bettors as well as fantastic betting experiences. Here are some easy tips and tricks for beginners in sports betting:

    1. Spreads:

You need to understand that you can bet on underdogs and favorites using two types of bets. One is a point spread and the other is margin of victory. If Team A is 7- point favorites, they get listed as -7. In case you bet on Team A, it needs to score 8 or more than 8 points for you to win. However, if they win by 6 points, you lose the bet.

    2. Favorites vs. Underdogs:

    Bookies will highlight which are the favorites and which are the underdogs when they release lines. The former are expected to win the match and are assigned a minus sign next to the odds.

    3. Moneylines:

    This is a way to bet on favorites and underdogs and mainly used in the US. It depends on which team is the winner. Favorites will be given a minus sign while underdogs are given a plus sign. If a favorite is at -200, it means you must risk $200 for winning $100. In case the favorite wins, you get $100 but if it loses you have to pay $200.

    4. Over/Unders:

    Bookmakers will offer a set of total points that have been scored in a match combining scores of both teams. As a bettor, you can bet on whether the match will go above or below this total.

    5. -110:

    Oddmakers will place a “tax” on each bet and this is referred to as the juice. This is basically the commission once must pay to bookies so that they accept your bet.

    6. Placing a bet:

    When you do so, check if live betting is on offer as some states have made it legal. Mobile betting is allowed in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc.

    7. Decide amount of bet:

    You should only risk what you can afford to lose when you are a beginner in sports betting. There are bound to be losses; so a flat-betting approach is preferred. This means betting the same wager on each game and this should not exceed 5% of your bankroll.

    8. Where to place wagers:

    You need to choose a reputed sportsbook to place your bets.

    9. Rotation Numbers:

    These are written next to the team on the left side and referred to as NSS number.

    10. Lines moving in real-time:

    Sports betting is fluid like stocks and throughout the day bookies keep adjusting the odds.

    11. Shop for best lines:

    It makes sense for beginners to use different bookies as these will offer different lines. This helps you to shop for the best lines.

    12. Know your weaknesses and strengths:

    Track your progress in wagering to make necessary tweaks and improve your winnings. If you find you have more success in betting on one league/sport, stick to it.

Using these guidelines you can start testing the waters in sports betting. Be prepared for losses because betting comes with no guarantees.