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The North Dakota State Referee Committee leads the State Referee Association in promoting and implementing U.S. Soccer's referee initiatives and programs in support of all affiliated members and competitions within North Dakota. We are one of 55 State Referee Associations that support the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program at the local level.

The North Dakota State Referee Committee provides opportunities for any individual to become an entry level soccer referee.  Through its offered training programs, and with the individual gaining experience by officiating as a member of a referee team, it prepares the referee for increasing levels of game management at local, state, regional, and national competitions.


Why take training to become a Certified Referee?
•    Learn the laws and rules of soccer
•    Gain self-confidence
•    Learn how to be a leader and also work in a team setting
•    Meet new people with the same love of soccer
•    Learn basic job skills with the flexibility of scheduling
•    Increase communication skills
•    Learn to think and make decisions quickly
•    Get paid to exercise


How do I get started?

All USSF referee registrations will now be run through the US Soccer Learning Center which can be found at This means no registrations will be done on

US Soccer has changed the referee grade scale. The ND Grassroots Recerification course is the old referee grades 9, 8, and 7.

The Regional course is for the old State Referee grades 5 and 6. US Soccer has determined the regional certification is for US Soccer to identify the pool of referees who will be soon selected for national referee certification. Unless otherwise notified by Dave or myself, all referees should be completing the grassroots recertification course.

Registration fees are the same as before, but US Soccer is now requiring all adult referees (18 years or older) to complete a background check every 2 years. The cost for the background check is $30. Adults will also need to complete free Safesport Training. All this is integrated into the learning center site.

Those under the age of 18 do not need to complete the background check or Safesport training until they turn 18.

Attached and below are directions on signing up for a profile and taking a course.

1. Go to
2. Click sign up in the top right of the screen
3. Fill out the profile information to claim your account
4. Click courses on the top and select Grassroots - Recertifying Referees
5. Click Go to Course List
6. Register and complete the course
7. (For adults only) complete the background check and Safesport training (instructions in the respective attachments)

All of the above needs to be completed before you are fully certified for 2020.

Please make sure you read through the attached PDF tutorials if you have questions first. Should you have any questions, please reach out to North Dakota SRA Dave Maier at [email protected] or North Dakota SYRA Connor Dunn at [email protected].

NOTE: Click the link below each document to download:

- Signing_Up_for_Profile.pdf (744 KB)

- Taking_a_Course.pdf (1,958 KB)

- Background_Check_Tutorial.pdf (1,125 KB)

- Safe_Sport_Tutorial.pdf (1,640 KB)

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