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Nominations Are In!!

Posted 10/13/15 (Tue)

Each year NDSA requests nominations for various positions from the clubs. We take each nomination review, and vote for a winner. The winner from each category goes on to the Region 2 level and eventually nationally. This year we had 19 nominations come our way and we want to recognize all those who were nominated. Please take a moment to review the list. If you get a chance, shoot them an email, text or message the club and congratulate the amazing folks out there that sacrifice their time for the game of soccer.


Club Nomination Person
West Fargo Boys Comp Danny Dougherty
Minot Boys Comp Aaron Daley
Mandan Boys Comp Illija Cokrlic
West Fargo Boys Rec Ericka Freed
Dickinson Boys Rec Brandye Ranum
Mandan Boys Rec Brandon Leingang
Minot Boys Rec Tom Wentz
West Fargo Girls Comp  Amer Vatres
West Fargo Girls Comp  George Gauld
Minot Girls Comp  Jordan Foley
Mandan Girls Comp  Matt MacArthur
West Fargo Girls Rec Ericka Freed
Minot Girls Rec Jon Markle
West Fargo Volunteer Craig Johnson
Grand Forks Volunteer Board of Directors
Dickinson Volunteer Risa Nodland
Minot Volunteer Dusty and Naomi Forthun
Mandan Volunteer Denese McLeish