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Posted 9/18/15 (Fri)

Introducing ClubSportal

A Powerful Player Development Software for North Dakota Soccer Members


The North Dakota Soccer Association recently partnered with ClubSportal, the makers of a revolutionary player monitoring and club development platform.  Built upon the premise that players need consistency and continuity in the training they receive, the software provides a complete suite of features that ensure players develop to their full potential.


Searchable & Shareable Multimedia Library of Training Content


The ClubSportal platform includes a powerful training manager that allows users to create, import, use, reuse, and share training content.  Users can create individual drills and activities with ClubSportal’s easy-to-use diagram creator and import multimedia, including PDF documents and YouTube video clips , to complement the activities.  Activities and drills can be organized into daily practice plans, which can in turn be grouped to create a complete season plan.   Team coaches and individuals will also appreciate the preloaded multimedia library of world-class training materials that is included with the software.


Easy-to-Use, Fully Customizable Evaluation and Assessment Module


ClubSportal also provides a completely customizable evaluation module that gives coaches the ability to create assessments for all of their needs.  Coaches can easily customize forms to ensure that players receive meaningful feedback.  The evaluation module also allows coaches to append multimedia materials to an evaluation so that players have additional resources with which to work.  Everything from documents describing techniques to videos showing how to execute them can easily be shared with players as part of an evaluation.



Seamless Sharing and Storage of Content and Communications


So that content can be seamlessly shared among members, ClubSportal’s easy-to-use messaging system includes a personal mailbox for each member.  When a coach shares an evaluation or a game highlight with a player, it is stored in the player’s personal mailbox where he or she can refer to it for years to come.  The ability to share information and materials with one another encourages a social network that leverages experiences, ensures consistency, and reduces redundant efforts.


ClubSportal is a full-featured player development platform that seamlessly integrates key components to ensure ease of use for all users.  Whether you represent a single team, an entire club, or just yourself, we encourage you to check out the many features and benefits of ClubSportal at